The motherland of Valdobbiadene DOCG and Cartizze Superiore Docg unwinds itself between the hills of Valdobbiadene, the overlooking mountains, an immense amphitheatre which shelter the area from the west winds. The geological structure and the deep stratification, memory of ancient seas, are the origin of these “gentle” wines.



'Glera' grapes

Most of the grapes grown in Valdobbiadene and Conegliano are today used for the production of sparkling wine. Valdobbiadene DOCG has received increasing recognition in recent years, becoming the best recognized and most demanded Charmat - method sparkling wine in the world. Some people wrongly believe that sparkling wine made by the Charmat method is considered “less important” than wine made by the traditional method, however each wine has its own character and history, as well as its own harmony, balance and expressions that are typical and cannot be compared.
The Charmat method is the ideal system for the production of sparkling wines with fruity and floral aromas, as this method respects the original character of the fruit. During the second fermentation of these sparkling wines with floral and fruity aromas, the primary objective is to avoid any interference caused by the fermentation yeast keeping unaltered both fruit's and terroir's uniqueness.

The choice to neither add nor subtract anything is undoubtedly a no easy task: it means knowing how to accept what the earth and the vine have already provided, and working sensitively to express the balance, the harmony and the appeal that are typical of these wines.
The main difference between the Charmat and the Traditional method lies in the duration on the fermentation lees after the 'prise de mousse', that is the development of the carbon dioxide, which in the first case is as short as possible, and in the second one much longer.

Valdobbiadene DOCG is a fascinating wine for its gentleness, its suppleness, its moderate body, its velvet smoothness and its sapidity. It is an harmonious and graceful wine, and one that begs to be drinked.
The fundamental aspect of Valdobbiadene DOCG is the absolute respect for the original characteristics of the fruit. This is why when making Prosecco the ambitious aim is always to express the nature and the terroir of the grapes that have been selected, without adding or taking anything away: a strict adherence to a method aimed at preserving the expressive integrity of the fruit is the only way to achieve the natural balance and the harmony that each wine is able of conveying.

'The real culture of drinking... is drinking with pleasure'
Loris Dall’Acqua
winemaker in Valdobbiadene